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Featuring expert Lizzie Kelly, VP of Carrier Relations & Program Development, VGM Insurance

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Lizzie Kelley, VP of Carrier Relations & Program Development at VGM Insurance Services, on Insurance Tips/Tricks Lizzie Kelley on HME Insurance Tips and Tricks:

Tips to streamline your business and operate more efficiently:

We can always make improvements! Lizzie discusses the importance of identifying and utilizing champions in your organization to aid in the implementation of positive change. She also emphasizes the importance of staying current on new technologies and incorporating them into your business on a daily basis!

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How to Best Position Yourself

Lizzie believes finding someone who understands your business on an intimate is the best way to position yourself for success. She emphasized this relationship is a two-way street, and you must ensure that you are working with the most qualified individual to protect you and your business. If your insurance agent doesn’t understand all of the risks in your business, they’re not doing you a favor, and you’re doing your own business a disservice.

5Questons you should be asking
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2 Keys to get Better Insurance Rates

2 Key Factors for Aspiring Women Leaders:

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ways to grow in leadership

How do you stay motivated and inspired as a leader?

Lizzie advises to continue challenging yourself, setting goals, and not allowing yourself to become stagnant. She emphasizes the importance of remaining optimistic and looking for the good in one’s life and job. There are always silver linings! Start looking!