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Seamless Company Scaling. Powerful Company Growth. 

We see your business as a partnership and our consultants deep dive into your company metrics. We partner with you and look at your financial reports, workflow, and help improve the health of your business. When you grow, we grow with you!

Top Tier In-Office Associates

People matter. It’s why we invest in ours.

Only 2% of applicants make the cut to become our associates due to our vetting and training.

We know the value of having an in office team. It’s why all our associates work in office and are solely dedicated to you. You know them. They know you. It’s your tailor made team of solutions. 

We pay our people 21% above the market average because where we invest counts. We want world class people to ensure world class service. 

Medical and HIPAA Privacy Regulations

We value your desire for protected privacy. In the Philippines, all associates are bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012, which seeks to protect all forms of information and covers natural and juridical persons involved in the processing of personal information.

One advantage of having our associates work on-site is our IT compliance ensures each device is protected and monitored.

All associates receive HIPAA training and are HIPAA compliant. We share your commitment to strictly enforcing these standards. Before building your team with SOS, we will complete a HIPAA business associate agreement to maintain PHI security and HIPAA compliance.

Service Expertise in Multiple Healthcare Sectors

SOS is an all-inclusive solution, tailor made to your needs, no matter the healthcare space you’re in. We have service expertise for your speciality!

You’re Throwing Away Millions.
Every penny counts.

You could be throwing away millions every year in written off claims. 

You need to trust your outsourced team is fighting for your allowable as much as you would…but are they?

We build your expert team, solely dedicated to your company, to fight for your need!


of your claims are clean IF the upfront work is done right.


of claims pose a challenge, consume your time, and hold most of your profit.

Expert Intake

Let us expertly handle the tasks that bog you down. Free up cash flow and increase profitability! 

Full-Service RCM

We handle all aspects of your revenue cycle, complete with customized reporting and executive dashboards.

Customer Service

We revitalize your sales and your resupply programs, as well as take care of phones and scheduling.

How It Works



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Execute and Handle Your Tasks

Valued Testimonials

We believe in a better way of doing business.


Jonathan Hernandez

Owner and Operations Manager

“We deal with a lot of urgent needs. I was trying to take some burden off of our current team. With SOS I was very impressed with their desire to really help us with our own processes. The personal touch that the SOS team took was the key for me. SOS is the way to go.”

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Maidelin Martinez

Owner and Operations Manager

“We have our customer service here locally and we have our customer service at SOS, but they are all one. They do what we do. They are part of our daily workflow. They way it is done is perfect”