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How to Navigate Today's HR Marketplace

Featuring expert Marshall Staton, Director of Human Resources at Aeroflow Healthcare


How to Get the Right People:

The workforce is changing and more competitive than ever. Often times, HME/DME companies are operating on a smaller scale and your goal is to run a successful business and take care of your people. Marshall spoke to the benefits of smaller companies in HME because it allows you to be more nimble and intentional in your hiring process. Implementing Marshall’s expert tips, will help ensure you’re set up for success.  


Often times, you need to look inward first to ensure you as a company are doing the right things to recruit the right people. Marshall states the biggest question to ask yourself: Is this process working as well as it should? If no, then understand why. For example, if you struggle with interviewees not showing up or losing interest, take a hard look into your recruitment process and ask yourself what makes them lose excitement? Why should people want to work for you? The 3 most common reasons people leave to search for a job is: payer benefits, growth opportunities, and work place culture. Take a hard look and ask yourself, what is our culture? How do we reward people? What opportunities to we offer our people? Lean into those differentiators and make that the focus of your branding during interviews.  


You might be asking yourself, how can my company be a more enticing place to work and recruit top talent? Marshall’s advice

hared how often times you need to look inward first and ensure you as a company are doing the right things. The best way to maximize what comes in at the top of your hiring funnel, is making sure you’re getting the right people. 

Questions to ask yourself are: Where do you advertise? Which markets? Are you looking internationally? Regionally? How do you feel about remote or hybrid work? 

Out of the gate, this hiring market has shifted and you are likely eliminating 90% of workers if you do not offer a work from home option, even a few days out of the week. If working in office is a non-negotiable for your business, then own it! But, to be successful, ensure your office is an appealing place to work. Do you have an office people want to work in? This level of accountability and also embracing a more flexible option for your staff has unlimited benefits. Marshall says,”Being flexible with people is always going to help in the end. It doesn’t cost you anything to be flexible. Embrace a hybrid model or make your office somewhere they want to work.”

His advice on how to best position yourself is to create a workplace where your employees feel respected. Offering a competitive salary and benefits is a given, but how you can come out on top is focusing on things that don’t cost money like your company culture. That doesn’t cost a dime! 

His expert answer on the 3 areas people take a hard look before coming onboard is payer benefits, growth opportunities, and work place culture. Have you leaned into your culture? Why do people stay with you? What sets your culture apart? Taking a hard look at those 3 areas will help you position yourself competitively. 

Quick Tips to Attract Top Talent

Understand who you are as an organization.

Lean into how your value proposition aligns with your employees.

Factor who you are and what you stand for in the recruiting process.

Be true to those values and don't pretend to be someone you're not. People will find out quickly.

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How can an HME provider best position
themselves as an enticing place to work?

Company Culture




Growth Opportunities

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How to Recruit Top Talent