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Built on trust, care, and accountability

We created Strategic Office Support to deliver outstanding service in the healthcare space while providing an exceptional work environment for our employees based on trust, care, and accountability.

For healthcare businesses, by healthcare business

SOS Founder and President, Steve Cela, owns and operates successful multi-location sleep labs and DME companies in Houston, Texas.  With 25+ years experience in the healthcare industry, he’s watched margins and morale erode from rising operational costs and diminishing reimbursements.  In 2019, Steve Cela founded Strategic Office Support (SOS) to address these challenges.

Steve is passionate about helping fellow business owners.  Using tried-and-true lessons from decades of experience, Steve shares first-hand experience, industry best practices and customized operations consulting to all SOS clients.

Together with SOS, Steve is on a mission to help all clients reclaim their time and focus on growth!


Steve Cela - About-Us

Steve Cela, President

“Small changes will produce dramatic results.  Most businesses are leaving money on the table.  Partnering with SOS will reduce your operational costs, improve your bottom-line and increase the enterprise value of your business, I guarantee it!”

Steve founded Strategic Office Support to provide a much-needed service to clients and at the same time, make a difference in the lives of his employees. In addition to Strategic Office Support, Steve owns Apnix Sleep Diagnostics, Houston’s leading sleep diagnostic center, and Apnix CPAP Equipment and Supplies, a medical equipment supplies company.

Steve holds an MBA from the University of Texas, Dallas, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biochemistry from Baylor University.  He is a recognized member of the Whitehall Club and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  Steve is a Houston native, and when not working, he enjoys time with his family, exercising, racing cars, and nutritional education.