Artificial Intelligence In HME

We are living in the ai revolution

November 30th 2022: Everything changed.

AI is the new cellphone. Early adopters will have an enormously unfair advantage because soon, it will be part of our daily lives.

On November 30th, 2022,  everything changed! Generative artificial intelligence became accessible to the public for free! 

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Why YOU should care:

AI is drastically changing our world. It has been proven to identify relationships that escape human detection. It has the ability to process data more quickly and detect aspects of reality that humans have not, or possibly cannot, detect…powerful!


AI is already a massive part of society ranging from smart assistants, navigation apps, manufacturing robots, customer service bots, to personalized search results. 


The age of AI is here. 


What implications does AI have for the HME industry? 

improved physician notes/orders

payer efficiencies


business functions

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